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Used English Horns & d'Amores

If you are in the market for a more cost-effective instrument, browse our selection of high quality, used English Horns and used Oboe d’Amores for sale below.

  • $7,200.00 Used Buffet English horn #12219
    This lovely Buffet English horn was new in 2010.  It shows minimal signs of wear, with shiny keywork and pristine wood body.  The horn comes with the original two Buffet bocals.  This instrument was just...

  • Used Fossati Soliste English horn #4999
    $5,250.00 Used Fossati Soliste English horn #4999
    This all-wood professional English horn was new in 2000 and hardly shows its age.  Keywork is shiny, no cracks in the wood!  Pads and adjustments were checked in our repair department before listing, so this horn...

  • Used Howarth s20c English horn #BO451 - SOLD!
    Used Howarth s20c English horn #BO451 - SOLD!
    This Howarth s20c English horn comes to us in excellent condition. Maintained and played by a professional repair technician, this instrument is in impeccable condition and plays very well. Our shop did an evaluation prior...

  • Used Loree English horn #BZ99
    $5,150.00 Used Loree English horn #BZ99
    Dating from the mid-60s, this vintage Loree English horn comes to us in good condition. Through the shop for pre-sale work - all keywork was removed and cleaned, octave vents were removed and cleaned, bore was oiled, pads...

  • Used Loree Oboe D'amore #EF07
    $5,650.00 Used Loree Oboe D'amore #EF07
    Dating from the late 70s, this Loree oboe d'amore is a great find! Just through the repair shop for a complete cleaning, tune up and adjustment. The keywork was cleaned, body and tone holes were cleaned, bore oiled, octave...

  • Used Bulgheroni Oboe d'amore #MB740
    $7,100.00 $6,700.00 Used Bulgheroni Oboe d'amore #MB740
    Purchased new in 2013 and lightly played, this Bulgheroni oboe d'amore is a lovely find.  Just through the shop for a presale tune up - all pads and mechanisms checked and replaced where necessary, tone holes and...

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