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Used Bassoons

Looking to purchase a quality used bassoon? Our used bassoons are tested and repaired by our in-house instrument repair technicians before they're sold to you.

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  • Used Fox model 201 #50463
    $19,575.00 Used Fox model 201 #50463
    First purchased from us in 2012, this mountain maple 201 was regularly maintained in our shop. Features include an A-Whisper bridge, Ab/Bb trill key, and balance hanger. This bassoon has a lovely light and singing quality,...

  • Used Fox model 201 #8962
    $10,900.00 Used Fox model 201 #8962
    A magnificintly maintained model 201 from 1980, this bassoon looks nearly brand new. Just a few years ago this 201 received all the factory acoustic upgrades including the pro U-Tube, neck strap ring, tone hole adjustments,...

  • Used Fox model I #20215 - SOLD
    $14,935.00 Used Fox model I #20215 - SOLD
    This professional bassoon was made at the tail end of 1993 and has a feature set to make the other members of your section envy you. A total of 15 rollers, French whisper key, auxilliary low C, articulated Ab/Bb mechanism,...

  • Used Fox model III #7671
    $3,625.00 Used Fox model III #7671
    Price greatly reduced. This Fox Polypropylene bassoon comes with the standard model III keywork up to high D and a double star bocal. Made in 1978. An excellent step up from a model 41 as a beginner bassoon, or as a backup...

  • Used Fox model III (hybrid)
    $2,995.00 Used Fox model III (hybrid)
    This bassoon is a bit of an anomoly. The boot joint is from a Fox model III serial #8754 while the rest of the instrument is a model IV serial #5337. The result is a bassoon that sounds and plays like any similar model III...

  • Used Fox model IV #14517 - SOLD
    $4,125.00 Used Fox model IV #14517 - SOLD
    This model IV from 1988 plays with a really rich sound and with great response. Perfect instrument for the doubler or younger player in need of something more than the entry level plastic bassoon but without the cost of one...

  • Used Fox model IV #16069
    $4,450.00 Used Fox model IV #16069
    Fox's lowest professional model, made of polypropylene, with basic keywork (high D and whisper lock included). This is an excellent step-up or intermediate instrument for players that need a bit more than the entry level...

  • Used Fox Renard 222D #33224
    $4,450.00 Used Fox Renard 222D #33224
    Two owners and quite well cared for. Comes with the original C2 bocal and Altieri case cover. Excellent beginner instrument with a high D key.

  • Used Fox Renard model 220 #20154
    $6,695.00 Used Fox Renard model 220 #20154
    The 220 has been a standard of the upper-intermediate bassoons for years. This model is about 20 years old and was recently overhauled in our shop, outfitted with a new ProTec case and seat strap. The included CVX bocals...

  • Used Fox Renard model 240 #44841 - SOLD
    $7,625.00 Used Fox Renard model 240 #44841 - SOLD
    SOLD From 2007, regularly maintained in our repair shop since the original purchase. Comes with the original bocals and case, with an Altieri backpack case cover. Save more than $1000 off of a new one!

  • Used Fox Renard model 41 #36258 - SOLD
    $3,575.00 Used Fox Renard model 41 #36258 - SOLD
    10 years old but in impecible condition. Plays as good as any wood bassoon twice this price. Original Fox C1 and C2 bocals, original case in very good condition.

  • Used Fox Renard model 41 #8238 - SOLD
    $3,175.00 Used Fox Renard model 41 #8238 - SOLD
    Made in 1979, in great condition for its age. Acoustically very solid bassoon with a great scale and tone quality. Keys feel a bit different than the newest instruments from Fox but still very comfortable and easy to get...

  • Used Moennig Artist model bassoon #307
    $3,600.00 Used Moennig Artist model bassoon #307
    Price Reduced! This vintage bassoon was likely made in the mid 1920's shortly after Moennig came to Philadelphia (even though it says "Germany" on the various joints of the instrument). Quite similar in design to a late...

  • Fantastic hard case with locking hinge, reed case. Look at those beautiful gold hardware accents!
    $20,500.00 Used Moennig Diamant bassoon #18300
    Price Reduced. Cash now $19,975! Essentially brand new, this Moennig bassoon was only made in 2013. In impecable condition, with hold hardware accents and loads of keywork options. If you like a modern thick-walled 15,000...

  • Used Moosmann 200AP #2434
    $15,500.00 Used Moosmann 200AP #2434
    Made in 1995, one owner. You can expect a robust and warm sound with an even scale out of this instrument. The keywork is very comfortable and includes mechanism up to high E, some extra rollers (9 total), left hand Eb...

  • Used Moosmann Child's bassoon #2596
    $2,700.00 Used Moosmann Child's bassoon #2596
    Price Reduced This Faggotino was made in 1997, designed for a small child aged 7 years old or so. We wouldn't expect the person playing this bassoon to require notes much above printed middle C or D, and this bassoon...

  • Used Muller bassoon - SOLD
    $2,700.00 Used Muller bassoon - SOLD
    Price significantly reduced. You won't find a better bassoon for under $3000! Pre-war design bassoon by G. Muller. We're unsure of the exact date and cannot locate a serial number, but we estimate late 1920's. Possibly...

  • Used Puchner "Original" bassoon #5729
    $10,800.00 Used Puchner "Original" bassoon #5729
    An incredible early 1960's vintage Puchner bassoon completely updated and modernized with silver water tubes, high D and E keys. Includes two Heckel bocals and comes in a Fox pro hard case. This bassoon has a lovely singing...

  • Used Puchner 5000 Compact Antique finish #12944 - SOLD
    $21,900.00 Used Puchner 5000 Compact Antique finish #12944 - SOLD
    Price Reduced! You would never know this basoon wasn't brand new (made in 2003). Absolutely perfect condition for the bassoon, bocals, and case. Absolutely fabulous sound, scale, ergonomics. You can't go wrong. Comes with a...

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