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Used Bassoons

Looking to purchase a quality used bassoon? Our used bassoons are tested and repaired by our in-house instrument repair technicians before they're sold to you.

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  • Used Heckel Contrabassoon #388
    $25,750.00 Used Heckel Contrabassoon #388
    A beautiful Heckel contrabassoon in need of a new home. Do not let the early serial number discourage you, this contrabassoon places remarkably well with a rich, full tone. Credit card price is $25,750. Cash/check/finance...

  • Used King Symphony Bassoon
    $6,200.00 $5,350.00 Used King Symphony Bassoon
    This King Symphony bassoon plays with a wonderful rich, full sound and is an excellent choice for a student level bassoon. The instrument has been recently serviced by MMI's excellent repair technicians. The credit card...

  • Audience side of bassoon
    $45,000.00 Used Heckel Contrabassoon #940
    This is a rare opportunity for you to own an incredible Heckel contrabassoon. #940 was made in 1976 and has been owned by two professional organizations. We have serviced the instrument so it is sealed, regulated, and ready...

  • Used Fox 201 #11020
    $12,360.00 Used Fox 201 #11020
    This excellent Fox 201 was fully serviced by our head repair technician, Eric Anderson, before entering our consignment program. The bassoon plays beautifully and is need a new home. Credit card price for this instrument is...

  • Used Fox 201 #32303
    $22,100.00 Used Fox 201 #32303
    A beautiful Fox 201! This instrument has a beautiful tone and exceptional resonance. This bassoon comes with a Fox *CVC* 2 bocal, Fox *CVC* 3 bocal and a gig bag bassoon case. Credit card price is $22,100. Cash/check/finance...

  • Used Fox 201 #33927
    $22,100.00 Used Fox 201 #33927
    This is an outstanding Fox 201! It plays with a gorgeous sound and comes with a balance hanger and very sassy red Marcus Bonna case. The credit card price is $22,100. The cash/check/finance price is $21,500. Please call...

  • Used Fox 220 #55489
    $6,695.00 Used Fox 220 #55489
    A great Fox 220! This advanced student long-bore bassoon is fresh from the repair department and in need of a new home. Please call today to set up an instrument trial. Credit card price is $6,695. Cash/check/finance price...

  • Used Fox 222K bassoon
    $4,950.00 Used Fox 222K bassoon
    A really great Fox 222K! This is an excellent option for beginning bassoonists. Recently serviced by MMI's repair technicians this instrument is in wonderful condition and is ready for a new home! Credit card price is $4,950...

  • Used Fox 240 #52267
    $7,725.00 Used Fox 240 #52267
    An exceptional Fox 240! Fox has outdone themselves on this bassoon! This instrument comes with a Fox R2 *CVX* 2 bocal, Fox R2 *CVX* 3 bocal, the original Fox hard case and a  barely used Marcus Bonna case! The credit...

  • Used Fox 41 #21762
    $3,400.00 Used Fox 41 #21762
    A great beginner level instrument! This Fox 41 needs a new home. Please call today to set up a bassoon trial! Credit card price is $3,400. Cash/check/finance price is $3,300.

  • Used Fox 601 #20003
    $22,650.00 Used Fox 601 #20003
    A truly outstanding Fox 601! Fresh from repair with a full repad by our very own Eric Anderson, this bassoon plays beautifully! Please call today to set up a bassoon trial. Credit card price is $22,650. Cash/check/finance...

  • Used Fox 601 bassoon #49592
    $23,690.00 Used Fox 601 bassoon #49592
    An incredible Red Maple Fox 601 with some great key work options! The bassoon was just serviced by our repair technicians. This bassoon comes with a great Heckel VCD2 bocal. The credit card price is $23,690. The...

  • Used Fox 660 #48205
    $25,500.00 Used Fox 660 #48205
    This beautiful Mountain Maple Fox 660 is in need of a new home. If you like the way this instrument looks, just wait until you hear how it sounds! This bassoon has an A-flat/B-flat trill key and comes with a Heckel VCD1...

  • Used Heckel #6005
    $26,785.00 Used Heckel #6005
    Price by cash is $26,000 Excellent vintage Heckel (1923) that has been regularly serviced by Carl Sawicki. Standard professional keywork recently re-plated up to high E, includes right hand whisper lock. Two very well...

  • Used Heckel #6106
    $30,385.00 Used Heckel #6106
    Price paid in cash is $29,500 From 1924. Amazing pre-war Heckel bassoon with modernized and updated keywork up to high E, articulated Ab-Bb trill mechanism. Inventive and unique keywork design on the bass joint keys allows...

  • Used Heckel bassoon #12123
    $44,300.00 Used Heckel bassoon #12123
    This is a great bassoon! The original owner of this instrument was John Miller, former principal bassoonist of the Minnesota Orchestra. His Mozart and Vanhal recordings were made on this bassoon. The bassoon comes with two...

  • Used Heckel Crest #481197
    $28,840.00 Used Heckel Crest #481197
    Currently in the repair shop for a general maintenance, this excellent Heckel Crest is in need of a new home. Photos for this instrument will be available after maintenance is complete. The photos above are stock Heckel...

  • Used Moosmann Child's bassoon #2596
    $2,000.00 Used Moosmann Child's bassoon #2596
    Price Reduced This Faggotino was made in 1997, designed for a small child aged 7 years old or so. We wouldn't expect the person playing this bassoon to require notes much above printed middle C or D, and this bassoon...

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