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Oboe Swabs

As a wooden instrument, your oboe needs to be protected from potential moisture damage. Our selection of oboe swabs and oboe feathers come in various materials and colors to keep your oboe dry. Our turkey tail feathers are the top swabbing tool of choice for many oboists, or select from our cigarette papers to remove water in keys. Select the product you desire below.

  • BG Pad Dryer: Microfiber
    $5.00 BG Pad Dryer: Microfiber
    This highly absorbent and washable pad cleaner is more durable than cigarette papers and can be used over and over again. It's the perfect size to get into tight areas on smaller woodwind instruments and won't leave any...

  • Cigarette Papers
    $1.80 Cigarette Papers
    OCB Cigarette Papers, 150 leaves, ungummed rice paper. Great for removing water in keys and testing adjustments.

  • Fox Black silk oboe swab
    $11.00 Fox Black silk oboe swab
    Fox Black silk oboe swab, no tail

  • Gem Silk Oboe Swabs
    $11.00 Choose Options Gem Silk Oboe Swabs
    A pull-through style swab with a tail to pull back out through the bell. Select a color preference using the swatch selection to add to cart.

  • Kolbl silk oboe swab
    $12.00 Kolbl silk oboe swab
    High quality silk swab with a tail, edges are protected from fraying with black stitching. Factory selected colors.

  • Loree Oboe Swab- Silk, Purple
    $16.00 Loree Oboe Swab- Silk, Purple
    Loree purple silk swab for oboe with tail to pull back through the bell.

  • Loree Oboe/English Horn Swab - Microfiber, Purple
    $15.00 Loree Oboe/English Horn Swab - Microfiber, Purple
    This Loree purple microfiber swab works well for both oboe and English horn (does NOT pull through an oboe- must be pulled back through the bell).

  • Turkey feathers
    $5.00 Turkey feathers
    Turkey Tail feathers are the swabbing tool of choice for many oboists. They are also handy for oiling and oboe's bore. 6 per package.

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