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Oboe Cane Processing

Oboe Cane Processing

Looking for the right tools to care for your cane? Look no further than MMI for the best oboe cane processing supplies on the market. We have a wide range of tools and information available online for you to peruse. Get started today!

Not sure where to start?

Visit our Cane Processing Basics guide for information on oboe cane processing tools, pre-gouging, and best practices for gouging your cane.

  • 2-Notch Utility Knife Blades (10 pack)
    $2.00 2-Notch Utility Knife Blades (10 pack)
    ON SALE! Was $2.75, now $2 10 replacement blades for any 2-notch utility knife, like our Personna Pro Folding Utility Knife...

  • Folding Utility Knife
    $7.00 Folding Utility Knife
    ON SALE! Was $8.50, now $7 Safer than using a plain razor blade, and more comfortable to use. Great for splitting tube cane or shaping using a straight shaper. This comes with 5 blades. Refill packs of blades can be found...