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Flute & Piccolo Cleaning Rods and Swabs

Keep your instrument looking like new with MMI’s selection of flute & piccolo cleaning rods and cloths. Browse below and find the perfect product for your instrument.

  • BG A30A Bass Clarinet, Bass Flute, Alto Sax Swab
    $25.00 BG A30A Bass Clarinet, Bass Flute, Alto Sax Swab
    This swab is a great size that will be sure to absorb quickly.  There is a small sponge that is woven between the two outer pieces that gives maximum surface area inside the instrument.  - PROTECTED WEIGHT DOES...

  • BG Pad Dryer: Microfiber
    $5.00 BG Pad Dryer: Microfiber
    This highly absorbent and washable pad cleaner is more durable than cigarette papers and can be used over and over again. It's the perfect size to get into tight areas on smaller woodwind instruments and won't leave any...

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For over a quarter century MMI has been serving musicians around the world with expertise in a careful and thoughtful manner. Our staff of conservatory trained instrument specialists and highly skilled repair technicians are here to provide you with the care and expertise that comes from years of performing and teaching.

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