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Bassoon Reeds

Bassoon Reed

We carry a selection of professional, handmade bassoon reeds for sale for the most discerning of players. These quality reeds are also the best choice for students, as beginners will get much better results from handmade reeds than machine-made, mass-produced reeds. If you aren't sure what bassoon reed will work for you the best option is to try a variety, or call one of our bassoon specialists and we'll be happy to guide you in your purchase.

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  • 'Pop goes the weasel' Bassoon Reed
    $23.00 'Pop goes the weasel' Bassoon Reed
    From the maker of the Weasel reed, these are made with a Popkin shape, and a different profile and scrape pattern from the original Weasel reed. This is a bit narrower shape, with straighter sides, and a profile with a spine...

  • ACDC Bassoon Reed
    $25.00 ACDC Bassoon Reed
    Intended for any level of bassoonist beginner to professional, these handmade reeds are sold ready to play. ACDC reeds are made to be played with more air support than lip pressure, resulting in a wide range of sounds and...

  • Andante e Rondo Bassoon Reeds
    $25.00 Andante e Rondo Bassoon Reeds
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  • Bree Professional Bassoon Reed
    $17.00 Choose Options Bree Professional Bassoon Reed
    Select Medium or Medium Hard strength. Adjustment tip from the reed maker: If the reed is too stiff, use 320 grit sandpaper to the heart of the reed to get it to free up a little.

  • C. M. Bassoon Reed
    $18.00 C. M. Bassoon Reed

  • Danzi Bassoon Reed Blank
    $13.00 Danzi Bassoon Reed Blank
    Spare yourself the headache of making blanks by purchasing these great reed blanks made by Danzi Reeds.

  • Danzi Professional Bassoon Reed
    $23.00 Danzi Professional Bassoon Reed
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  • Danzi Student Bassoon Reed
    $18.00 Danzi Student Bassoon Reed
    This is an Italian style reed made by Danzi Reeds for a beginning to intermediate bassoonist.

  • Delano Bassoon Reed
    $21.00 Delano Bassoon Reed
    Handmade American-style bassoon reed. Responsive with a comfortable level of resistance. Tested on a 12,000 series Heckel. Adjustment tips from the reed maker: If the reed is too stiff and also sharp, flatten the first...

  • Dolce Reeds
    $24.00 Dolce Reeds
    This is a great reed for a more advanced player. Dolce reeds do require some scraping, but the reeds break in very well. With proper scraping, these reeds play with the right amount of flexibility and resistance with a warm,...

  • Fox Student Bassoon Reed
    $9.00 $7.00 Fox Student Bassoon Reed
    ON SALE! Was $9, now $7 A mass-produced reed. Thin and easy to play, perfect for beginners.

  • Hunter Bassoon Reeds
    $20.00 Hunter Bassoon Reeds
    This is a great reed for players at all levels with just the right amount of flexibility and response. 

  • KCH Bassoon Reed
    $25.00 KCH Bassoon Reed
    KCH handmade reeds are responsive and free blowing.  These qualities make them a great choice for beginners to professionals.  KCH reeds require little to no adjustment.  They are shaped on a Reiger...

  • Legere bassoon reed
    $135.00 Choose Options Legere bassoon reed
    With the latest in plastics technology and the input of dozens of professional bassoonists from around the world, Légère has created a bassoon reed that will meet the demands of the most discerning players...

  • Loki Bassoon Reed
    $26.00 Loki Bassoon Reed
    Meticulously hand-crafted and tested on a Heckel bassoon. These reeds are among the more narrow shape we carry and offer an excellent tone color and pitch stability. These reeds are fully adjusted for scrape and ready to...

  • M' Bassoon Reed
    $21.00 Choose Options M' Bassoon Reed
    A heavy scrape, Italian (Danzi) style reed for more advanced players. Select Soft or Hard. Please note the "soft" and "hard" are relative with this reed, they are both quite heavy in the scrape and resistant. The "hard"...

  • Merz bassoon reed
    $25.00 Choose Options Merz bassoon reed
    A very popular handmade professional level reed. Select Medium Soft, Medium, or Medium Hard.   Adjustment tips from the reed maker: "Check the wires after soaking the reed for a couple of minutes. Tighten them with a...

  • Rieger bassoon reed
    $26.00 Rieger bassoon reed
    Made by Rieger, uses their #2 shape. Adjustment tips from the staff: These reeds are pretty heavy but vibrate easily with just some small adjustments. First, we recommend that you flatten the first wire slightly, as the tip...

  • RK Bassoon Reeds
    $25.00 RK Bassoon Reeds
    Rk reeds are made from select Italian cane with a Herzberg shape. The reeds are scraped with a definite collar and spine with a light tip. The result is a free blowing and responsive reed with a dark sound throughout the...

  • Solution Bassoon Reed
    $22.00 Solution Bassoon Reed
    Well constructed Italian/German style reed with a playable scrape right out of the tube. Worth looking at if you have liked the "M" reeds or Rieger reeds but don't like the extra finishing work you need to do with those. We...

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