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Cane Splitters

Bassoon Cane Splitters

MMI’s selection of premier cane splitters are the perfect addition to your cane processing equipment. Browse our selection below for a safe and reliable bassoon cane splitter.

  • 2-Notch Utility Knife Blades (10 pack)
    $2.00 2-Notch Utility Knife Blades (10 pack)
    ON SALE! Was $2.75, now $2 10 replacement blades for any 2-notch utility knife, like our Personna Pro Folding Utility Knife...

  • Folding Utility Knife
    $7.00 Folding Utility Knife
    ON SALE! Was $8.50, now $7 Safer than using a plain razor blade, and more comfortable to use. Great for splitting tube cane or shaping using a straight shaper. This comes with 5 blades. Refill packs of blades can be found...

  • Medir Bassoon Radius Gauge
    $34.00 Medir Bassoon Radius Gauge
    Medir Radius gauge for Bassoon or Clarinet tube cane - made of a hard resin, measures diameters 23-32 mm

  • Rieger Bassoon Cane Splitter
    $132.00 Rieger Bassoon Cane Splitter
    Brass cane splitter, splits the tube cane into four equal parts.